Rules of Conduct

List of bannable offenses
If your account was deactivated, then your recent actions most likely fall into one of the 4 categories below.
If we deactivated your account, it means we are not looking to having you as our customer going forward. We shall not reactivate deactivated accounts, unless it was done in error. Any tokens you might have had shall not be refunded and will be considered forfeit. You can appeal deactivations in the Question forum of the Support Hub.

1. Fraud

Fraud is any activity that has the intent of tricking us into giving you tokens without receiving a proper payment for them, for example:
- offering us the same Binance Gift Card key / Crypto transaction ID that you already used in the past for a different purchase;
- offering us an old low-resolution clip under the guise of a remastered one for the purpose of completing the Bounty;
- claiming you are entitled for compensation, while being aware you're not.

2. Suspicious activity

Any activity that has the potential of hurting our operation commercially or otherwise is considered suspicious, for example:
- streaming/download of an excessive amount of clips in the attempt to create a siterip;
- collaborating or acting on behalf of the competition with the intent of causing harm to the site.

3. Gross/repeated violations of Rules for Uploading

While repeated violations of any of the Rules for Uploading can lead to deactivation, in certain cases we have zero tolerance policy and will deactivate the account upon the first offense, for example:
- "No minors!" rule.

4. Being a dick towards the site/admin/policy

We are open to criticism and are willing to do better based on your feedback, but it does not give you a pass to abuse our mental health. Any issue can be resolved in a civil manner.
If you send us messages like "eat shit you gang of thieves, I hope you die", we will just ban you and carry on with our day.
If you repeatedly make threads at the support forums after already receiving an answer, or spam us with frivolous video reports - such behavior may also fall under this rule.