Benefits for regular customers

VIP Status

VIP is a special support forums usergroup for our regular customers, designed to commend and incentivize the long-term commitment to membership with us.


1. Additional Tokens - 20% more tokens with every purchase!
2. Priority Support - your tickets will be highlighted among others, and we'll do our best to give them our utmost attention.

VIP Support

How to become

In order to become eligible for VIP status, you need to accumulate $500 or more in lifetime payments with our sites (;, regardless of the payment method.
You can always check your transactions in the Tokens Flow tab of your site profile.

If you meet the criteria - create a ticket in the Questions forums to tell us about it.

In addition, in rare cases we can award an honorary VIP to our exceptional members, who have been with us for many years and made considerable contributions to our sites over the time.