VIDS Going Crypto Explained

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Hello everybody,

Given April the 1st is upon us, I have to start by pointing out we are dead serious about all this :cool:

With that out of the way, before actually talking about crypto let's talk about what we've been up to for the past 3 months. We've been busy improving the technical side of the platform as a whole - our focus was 24/7 availability of the sites even in case of the possible server failure/abuse claims. As you may have noticed, there is no longer US/EU players - the server gets picked automatically based on the closest available to your location. We also did serious adjustments to the security of our player - while we wouldn't claim it's impossible to bypass the download limit and rip the clips now - it is certainly much harder to do so. We also just made a quality of life update - we renamed Premium into Access to be consistent with our nature as a paid site and generally made our texts and messages more intuitive for newcomers. Fascinating stuff, right?

What's more fascinating, however, is that we've been around since 2017 and have only thought about the importance of uptime and security just now! Why didn't we do that before? Well, because all our time was occupied with two things. First one was daily updates - we were uploading tons of stuff every few days, most of which nobody liked, and nobody watched. It was, by all definitions, busywork - it did not have a direct positive influence over our bottom line, and it was only turning the site into a trash dump. In effect, we have ourselves created the problem that we then had to solve by various "Cleanings", "Trimmings" and getting rid of some categories entirely. The tyranny of daily updates was problematic, as PissRIP and its updates was getting so much attention there was barely any left for other sites of the platform.

And the second huge time sink was finding new payment methods for you. Let's go over the basics once again. We are dealing in adult content we did not exactly produce, and we are running the sites as individuals, not a company. The nature of our operation disqualifies us from working with any legitimate payment processor. Believe us when we say no billing would be working with us, because over the last 5 years we spent a ridiculous amount of time exchanging emails and browsing forums. Our only options are either going crypto, or trying our luck with semi-legal "gray" payment processors.

Appreciating that a lot of people are hesitant or not tech savvy enough to get into crypto, we have been doing the latter option. We have been doing it for a long time, much longer than we should have. And this experience has only been problematic and disappointing for both you and us:
  • "gray" processors are each only available in certain countries - creating confusion for our community;
  • they tend to charge atrocious and unreasonable fees - up to 50% in case of PayPal solution, making it not economical to rely on them. Charging you 50% more is antithetic to the whole business model of VIDS platform and makes many potential customers walk away;
  • they have no responsibilities, they can have technical works or stop working as they please, and don't even inform us about it; making things like planning a sale a huge gamble;
  • oftentimes they are scammers outright - you wouldn't believe how many times operators of "gray" processors made away with our money, and we still had to honor your payments to them;
  • ultimately, this situation reflects poorly on us - because when a third-party payment processor is not working, people believe it's our job to fix it - even though we got zero control over it.
We couldn't count how many times we set up a new payment method - only for it to be gone after 2 weeks for one reason or another. Leading us to the only conclusion - bothering with "gray" payment processors is a huge waste of time. Time we could certainly spend on something useful to the platform.

All in all, there are three requirements of a payment method that would fit our operation:
  1. It needs to serve all our (mostly Western) audience;
  2. It needs to come with a reasonable fee, so we could keep our prices minimal;
  3. It needs to be reliable, abuse-proof and chargeback-proof.
The harsh reality is cryptocurrency is the only payment method that fits all this requirements. And our only payment method going forward.

Crypto payments are legal, anonymous and not hard to get into. We have made countless Crypto guides for you. Our latest guide (Click me) even comes with videos. It's as accessible as it gets. We wouldn't be able do anything to make it easier for you if our life depended on it.

We have read your feedback that this is a bad decision, that we're forcing "stupid payment methods" on our members and that we'll end up alienating some of our customers. We'd like to say we are fully aware of the implications of this decision and realize it will take time for the community to adjust. This is not a decision we made lightly. Crypto is here to stay. If you are not willing to get into crypto - you will have to move on. The only exception to this is Bounty system ("Buy us a Video") and only for those our sites that have it in place.
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