Frequently Asked Questions

Payments & Tokens

Q: Can I please get some free tokens?
A: Communism is the very definition of failure!

Q: How do I pay through your payment methods?
A: Please check our Guides channel for a list of video guides we currently have.

Q: I don't like/can't pay with any of your payment methods, can I pay in some other way?
A: Due to the nature of our operation, the available payment options are limited. We are unable to provide you with a personalized payment method. If no payment method listed on our site works or appeals to you - you will have to move on.

Q: Can I earn tokens by uploading videos?
A: By default, we do not owe you compensation for your uploads (tokens may be awarded at our discretion for the content we find valuable) - with the exception of Bounty system (click me).

Q: Can I sell my videos through your site?
A: No, we are not Clips4Sale.

Q: Can you transfer tokens/access between sites (Vids/Poop/Girlspee)?
A: Due to the difference in monetization models, such transfers are not possible. You would need to make a separate payment for every site of ours you're interested it.

Videos, Streaming & Download

Q: I’m not able to watch any of the videos!
A: This is most likely on your side – try using different device/browser/OS. We can’t guarantee the intended performance for every kind of software.

Q: A video I’m trying to watch is broken/not available/shouldn’t be on the site.
A: Fill out the Report Video form (click me) to tell us about it.

Q: I’m getting very slow streaming/download speed!
A: We are not limiting speed from our side; this must be an issue with your ISP.

Q: Can I get the videos in 1080p full hd / 4k / 8k?
A: Our videos are served in 720p. Technical capacity of our platform and the need to keep running costs manageable does not allow us to go higher than that, given Vids' large collection of videos. We are not Google.

Q: I can't upload any videos!
A: We are likely having technical works right now and disabled uploads to avoid server issues. Your ability to upload videos might also have been disabled for violating rules for uploading - in which case you'd be getting a clear indication for it.

Q: I uploaded a video and can see it in my profile, but it's not active on the site!
A: All videos are approved manually, please be patient. There is no need to inform us about a video you uploaded, unless it's on the Bounty list.


Q: I am unable to log into my account using my username and password!
A: Please double-check that you're using correct username and password and that caps lock is not toggled. If that doesn't help then reset your password. If that still doesn't help then try using your login credentials from a different device/browser.

Q: How can I delete my account?
A: Press the "Edit Profile" button in your profile on the site (https://vids.rip/my/ or https://poop.rip/my/), then choose "Delete Profile".

Q: Why was my account deactivated?
A: Accounts are most often deactivated following a violation of our Rules of Conduct (click me) - please open a ticket in the Questions forum for additional information.

Site Updates

Q: Could you please upload more videos of X?
A: We upload whatever we manage to procure; such requests do not influence or facilitate this process.

Q: Could you find and upload this particular video for me I've been looking for? I could even pay you separately for it.
A: We are not taking requests for individual clips, as our time is better spent procuring content according to the tastes of a sizable chunk of our audience to ensure profitability.

Q: I want daily updates, why can't you upload more often?
A: There are basically three reasons. First - the content does not grow on trees. If we posted a lot of clips daily, we'd simply run out of them, and then what? Second, we feel too frequent updates can devalue the content and make it less enjoyable. And third - there are many tasks associated with running the site, it is simply not feasible to devote all our time to updates to the exclusion of everything else.


Q: Why aren't there are any social features like chat at your site?
A: We used to have a chat years ago and from our experience it was only ever used in two ways: 1) as a support tool, in which capacity it's problematic and was made obsolete by this forums; 2) as a place for mentally unstable individuals to spread conspiracy theories and rile up the community - which was tiresome to moderate. If you're looking for a community of like-minded fetish enthusiasts, try PeeFans or OmorashiOrg.

Q: I can be very useful to your operation, if you hire me for $300/month!
A: We are not looking for mercenaries and opportunists. The most important currency in this business is trust. And trust is something earned gradually over the years with honest work, giving it your all without consideration for what you'd be getting in return. If such philosophy does not appeal to you - you'd best not waste your time and ours.